Urban Fundamental Geographical Information Platform Framework and Key Technology Study

Abstract: The Urban Fundamental Geographical Information Platform (UFGIP) is a key goal of the digital city. It describes the urban message in the way of digital storage and digital description, and provides uniform data framework for urban message application. Basing on the investigation of the urban spatial information and its applications, we bring forward our conception and realization about UFGIP. including the framework, basic function, correlative standards, basic space database, metadata, data integration and update, data-sharing and security manage, running and manage mechanism of the UFGIP.Firstly, we introduce the composition of the Urban Fundamental Geographical Information Data, and put forward the distributed network structure. This structure is composed of central node and secondary nodes, and benefits to data-sharing. Then we analyze the fundamental function of the UFGIP, and discuss the correlative standards related to encode, metadata, and data collection. Finally, we discuss how to establish the basic space database, and provide the project of the Urban Fundamental Geographical Information Database. The project benefits to the integration and updating of the Fundamental Geographical Information Data of small and middle cities. Furthermore. we provide data-sharing, purview, and security manage mechanism, which ensure the data-sharing safety among different departments. The government manage is primary and the market running is secondary in the running and manage pattern of the UFGIP.The paper is supported by the ” 863 ” Program (No.2002AA134078 and No.2003 AA135030). The conception of UFGIP was validated by a prototype in the Yangzhou Development Administrative Committee. After stably running around one year, th…
Key words: UFGIP; Standards; Data-sharing; Data integration and update. Running mechanism

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